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Honoring National Cancer Survivors Month


June marks a significant time for celebrating resilience, hope, and the unwavering strength of those who have faced the battle against cancer. As National Cancer Survivors Month unfolds, Pure Barre proudly stands alongside survivors, amplifying their inspiring stories of triumph. In this special blog post, we share the stories of two inspiring individuals who have not only conquered cancer but have also found support, and newfound strength in their Pure Barre communities. 


Taylor Little, Teacher at Pure Barre Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita

“My journey with Pure Barre started as a client. I had wanted to add some toning and strengthening exercises into my cardio routine, so I tried multiple different barre workouts and liked Pure Barre the best! I liked that I felt challenged every class and that it was always a full body workout. I was going five times a week and got my pair of 250 sticky socks. After that I decided I wanted to try teaching. I’ve now been teaching for six years.

Once I became a teacher, I learned how much I enjoyed bringing Pure Barre to others. I love connecting with clients and giving them that challenging workout we all show up for. Pure Barre is that 50 minute time for yourself and a happy place, so I show up every class excited to deliver that experience. 

Two years ago when I was 32, I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer. I noticed the tumors myself. I had two large ones that basically just “appeared” overnight. I was diagnosed with stage four right away; the cancer metastasized and spread to my liver making it stage four. The technical diagnosis is invasive inductal carcinoma, stage four grade three. The two tumors were estrogen receptor positive and HER2+. I got diagnosed in May 2022 and started chemo a month later in June.

My chemo treatments were every three weeks. I was told I’d need treatment for six months. After four rounds (three months) I had my PET scan. The scan read no evidence of active malignancy. I was so excited to stop chemo early. 

I currently still go into the infusion center for two hormone targeted infusions every three weeks and will continue with PET scans about every four months. There’s no plan to change my treatment plan anytime soon, so I’m getting used to this being in my permanent  routine. The infusions are starting to get annoying / disruptive, but I’m always happy my body continues to respond well to the treatments and that everything is going well. 

My Pure Barre community helped me so much during my diagnosis and treatment. I continued to teach and take Pure Barre during my chemo treatment. It was important for me to stay active and stay connected to the community. I would take the treatment week off and teach and take the other two weeks before the cycle started again. Clients put a basket out in the front lobby and would add gifts and little things for me throughout the weeks. They started a GoFundMe, and would text me to check up on me. They really supported me, and I’ll always feel fortunate and so appreciative to have them. They also threw a party at the studio when I tested negative! 

Pure Barre was a great class to continue during treatment. Its low-impact movements made it a safe workout for me. This also makes it a great workout for people trying Pure Barre for the first time. I like that the movements are small and each class can be modified to fit whatever your body is going through at that time. 

I believe everyone going through cancer needs a team. As much as I felt this was solely my diagnosis, my team has always been the best support system during and after chemo, and Pure Barre has been a big part of my team. My friends made Team Tay bracelets when I started treatment. We never take them off and keep making more as the Team keeps growing. I hope to support and help others by sharing my experiences. Thanks for being on Team Tay. To follow my journey follow @teamtay_ “


Edith Cantu, Owner of Pure Barre Palm Desert

“I found Pure Barre when a new studio was opening in my town. I saw an advertising campaign and was one of their first clients to get a membership. I took my first class and immediately fell in love with the technique and the community. Pure Barre has given me some of my best friends that I consider to be part of my family just from sitting next to each other during class.  The more classes I took the more I saw my body changing,  it became my addiction. 

I was teaching a Sunday class and after class I went home, took a shower and I did a breast self exam. I felt a small lump in my left breast. A couple weeks later I had a biopsy and was waiting for my results. I was at the studio getting ready to teach my 5:30pm class when the nurse called me to give me the results. I couldn’t believe it when she told me. Pure Barre supported me throughout my Cancer Journey in many different ways. After taking class for 8 years & teaching, Pure Barre gave me the tools to be disciplined and to put in my mind and heart that I could conquer anything that comes my way. I took & taught classes until the day before my surgery. After surgery I never took pain medication and related that to being in shape because of Pure Barre. When I was going through my treatment I would teach myself a class before going to my treatment. It helped me not be so anxious. It helps me to stay in shape and I look forward to doing something during the day.  It helped me feel normal again. 

The advice I would give first timers would be that Pure Barre will change your life forever. It will be the best investment you can give yourself. It will be a healthy addiction, in 50 minutes your life will change in so many positive ways.”


Let's celebrate the strength, resilience, and grace of those who have faced cancer with courage. At Pure Barre, we stand in awe of the incredible journey each survivor undertakes, finding solace, support, and empowerment within our community. Join us in honoring their courage and embracing the power of movement to uplift us all as we partner with the American Cancer Society! Contact your local studio to book into local donations classes all month long and donate directly using the link here.


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